• Testimonial of Tan Mentesch -23kg -17% Fat

    Testimonial of Tan Mentesch -23kg -17% Fat


    Let me start by telling you about me, my name is Tan and I am in my early forties. I lived in London all my life, until I moved to France about 4-5 years ago.  Living in London and working in the city was great but the only downside or upside depends which way you look at it, allowed me to socialize a lot, so drinking lots of beer and eating unhealthy became the norm, late night kebabs and curries was part of my weekly indulgence.


    Fast forward to about May 2010, I decided to go to the gym with a colleague and there we met Morgan, and he had a great chat with us about working out and what to do.  I pretty much there and then decided to trial a workout session with him, what could I lose, well lots of pounds:)


    So Morgan took all my measurements using an electronic scale, at that time I weighed about 122Kg and my body fat was embarrassingly 32% (obese) but metabolic age was in the upper fifties, again embarrassing. These 3 measurements were the ones we started to target on a down would scale.


    I enjoyed our first trial session and was beginning to feel motivated so I signed up for 10 sessions but when could I exercise I have kids, I work and I really enjoy my weekends with the family.  So I decided I need to get up early and booked twice a week at 7am for an hour.


    Over the coming months Morgan spent a lot of time on two things, Cardio and “Gainage”,  there really isn’t an English word for this but it basically means working on posture, strengthen the back muscles, working on exercises such as plank in different variations. The cardio workout was really cool it was basically circuit training doing multiple exercises and « Gainage” in between. When the workout was finished I was covered in sweat and of course really exhausted but energized after my shower. I could talk about this forever but to cut a long story short I started dropping the pounds, kilos, in 3-4 months I was down to 110Kg and 25%( boundary of obese and average) body fat. By the end of the year I was 102kg and 18% (average) body fat, so I lost nearly half my body fat and 20Kg.


    In the New Year (2012) I really wanted to improve my muscle mass so we spent weeks pumping Iron (you have to do it) and gainage.  I started noticing muscles all over my body, my back was a lot stronger (I had real issues with my back for over 10 years) and of course I became healthier, I had more  energy with my kids, (they are young) and more energetic in day to day activities.


    I have to really thank Morgan; he has helped me so much in training, sending me emails about diet plans and most importantly motivation and expertise. Do you know how hard it is to wake up at 5.30 am twice a week to go to the gym but when you see results it doesn’t matter it becomes part of your week.


    For me I didn’t go crazy, in terms of dieting but I did cut down on my drinking, and eating crap. You do have to concentrate on eating well otherwise there is no point exercising especially if you have goals to lose weight.  However now I can eat pretty much what I want and again still drink but not excessively, everything in moderation.


    Thanks Morgan you have changed my life forever! I will never go back to the old Tan ;)


    PS Currently I now weight 98Kg, Body fat the is 14.7% (fitness level) and metabolic age is now 27 years old. And all I did was 2 hours a week that’s it and watched what I ate. I could have done more but time is always hard to find when one has a family and a demanding job.


    Tan Mentesh


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