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    How Morgan helped me turn back the clock to good health and a good look :

    Like many over sixties people, when I came to Morgan, I needed a good overhaul and repair job to get me back in shape. With the expertise of a medical board and of a good fashion designer, Morgan, with my input of what I desired, formulated a plan for coaching and counseled me on other complementary fitness activities that would make my body and me function better and have a more youthful, attractive look.

    After about three years with Morgan I feel better, look better and move better. I also have more force & energy and sleep better as well because my body is more flexible and relaxed. In addition to coaching, Morgan suggested fitness biking for weight control and endurance, and an abdominals core class for mid body strength that is key to good leg and arm movement.

    On a practical level, numbers! I have lost 6 kilos (16 pounds) and now weigh 44 kilos (97 pounds) for a height of 157 centimeters (5 ft. 2 in.) I have greatly increased overall muscle, hydration & metabolism & decreased overall fat. With Morganʼs dedicated attention, my posture has improved immensely. Overall, I feel amazingly better, body, heart & mind, and feel younger too!

    Morgan is always there on time, fulfills his coaching duties with enthusiasm, seriousness, good humor. courtesy and charm. A great coach!

    Anne Dolait Roquefort les Pins


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